Processors & Distributors

Packing houses, processors, aggregators and food hubs, brokers and distributors - your businesses are essential to getting food from New York farms to the end customer. Become part of the Farm to Institution supply chain!

Connecting Local Foods with Buyers

Are your customers asking for more locally-grown foods and want to know what farms they are supporting with their food dollars? By partnering with farms, cooperatives and food hubs you can provide them with farm-fresh foods, gain new school, college and other institutional customers, and build your reputation as a supporter of New York agriculture.

  • Become an approved vendor for New York's Fresh Fruits & Vegetables pilot for schools. Contact Diane Green Office of General Services/Farm to School to learn more.
  • Processors: Source ingredients from New York farms. Meet ahead of the growing season with farmers and livestock producers to discuss your needs, volume and pricing.
  • Market your business as a supporter of New York agriculture! Put the names of farms on your web site, product lists and order forms.
  • To identify potential school customers, check the school districts in your sales territory in the USDA Farm to School census.