Local Food Buyer Learning Center

The FINYS Local Food Buyer Learning Center offers resources and training to support institutions in starting or scaling up their purchases of food grown in New York. The center’s ultimate goal is to assist institutions in spending at least 25% of their food budget on food grown in the state.  



Local Food Buyer Toolkit

The Local Food Buyer Learning Center Toolkit, consisting of a series of topical modules, is initially designed for K-12 schools that participate in the USDA School Meal program. However, people involved in summer meals, childcare, and pre-school programs will find the information fits their settings as well. These resources may be useful for other institutional sectors, and future modules will be added that continue to address topics relevant to colleges, emergency food, and other institutions.

New York Grown Food Guides

New York Grown Food Guides offer information and resources to support institutions in identifying, sourcing, and procuring local foods from the state. The Guides, along with the Farm to Institution New York State Local Food Buyer Learning Center toolkits, equip food service and procurement staff with education and training to incorporate local products into meals to improve the health of New Yorkers and local economies statewide.